Michael Petersen, Attorney From Wisconsin

July 15, 2017
For many years before he became Michael Petersen, attorney from Wisconsin, Michael took a lot of odd jobs on his way to his eventual profession. He works hard in everything, so the jobs he took weren’t exactly tame. For example, he worked as a flooring installer for a time and he has also worked as an office assistant. it took a long time to become an attorney, but Michael Petersen believes that the long trek has made him a better one. In fact, when people hire Michael Petersen, attorney, they so so because they need hep getting through the criminal legal process.

Among the crimes clients of Michael Petersen, attorney, have been charged with include all sorts of drug crimes, as well as DUI and other egregious driving offenses and domestic violence. He’s also handled a few homicide cases. Many clients, however, hire Michael Petersen, attorney, to handle their personal injury cases, while others hire him to deal with cases involving administrative and environmental law, as well. However, Michael Petersen draws his greatest satisfaction from his ability to do what is necessary to get a not guilty verdict in cases others thought were too difficult.

Wisconsin’s Own Michael Petersen, Attorney

April 12, 2017
These days, those who hire Michael Petersen, attorney, know exactly what they are getting and they are highly satisfied with their decision. Most hire him to help them through the criminal legal process, which is not something anyone wants to go through without an attorney. Of course, he also does a lot of personal injury and administrative law, as well, but the bulk of his clients have been charged with serious offenses, like drug crimes, DUI, domestic violence offenses and even homicide. They like hiring Michael Petersen as their attorney because he approaches his role from the point of view of a constitutional crusader.

Michael Petersen, attorney believes that the most important right any American has is the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the guiding principle behind the legal system, as well as his entire legal career. It also happens to be a key reason he has been so successful. Before becoming Michael Petersen, attorney, Michael worked hard in many different areas in order to get to get to that position. At various times in previous lives, Mike installed flooring and other times he served as an office assistant. He strongly believes that his long journey to becoming an attorney makes him better appreciate his role as an attorney.

One point of pride is a case in which Mike Petersen’s legal ability came when he was able to obtain a “not guilty” verdict in a case in which his client was charged with hit and run causing death case. He considers it to be among his greatest accomplishments, not because his client got away, but because he was able to prove that a search of his client's residence had violated his constitutional rights had been violated during a search of his residence. Protection of rights is the primary reason to become an attorney, after all.

The Administration of Justice:Michael Petersen, Attorney

January 15, 2017
Everyone who hires Michael Petersen, attorney, largely does so because they know he will guide them through the legal process after being accused of a crime and do so with the best possible outcome. Among the crimes some of his clients have been charged with include drug-related crimes, serious driving offenses like DUI, domestic violence and even homicide. He also handles a lot of personal injury cases, and he is active in administrative law and environmental law cases, as well.

Michael Petersen, attorney in Wisconsin considers one of his greatest cases to be the one in which he got his client a “not guilty” verdict in a hit and run causing death. It wasn’t because he got the client “off,” but because he was able to prove that authorities violated his client’s rights when they searched his residence. To Mike, the right of a client to be considered innocent until being proven guilty is the most important right we all have and it is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Michael Petersen, attorney, loves a challenge. He likes to represent those who have been accused of white collar crimes, in part because those cases tend to be rather difficult to fight. He works closely with everyone involved in each case, including forensic accountants and others, so as to find the best possible defense for his clients. That is, after all, why they hire a defense attorney in the first place; to make sure their rights are sufficiently protected and to punish those who may have violated them. In addition to his legal career, Michael Petersen is also very active in his community of Fond du Lac, where he lives with his wife and two children. He raises funds and volunteers for many causes in that community.